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Workshops in Germany


Plein air workshops in Germany will take place from August 31 to September 7 (5 days tuition, September 1-5, free painting day September 6). Every day we will paint different subjects: lake, rural landscape, historical cityviews and more.

Dates: August 31 to September 7, 2019
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Location: Germany: Ravensburg, lake Constance, Wilhelmsdorf
Contacts: Sergei Kurbatov (s.kurbatov@gmail.com)
Erna Partschelli (erna_partschelli@web.de) +49 75038754692


Workshops in Israel


Plein air workshops in Israel will take place from April 21 to April 23, every day will be held in different places: the first day we will paint in park Yarkon (Tel-Aviv), the next day devoted to the sea and fishermen boats in Jasr A'Zarka. On the third day, we will paint a mountain landscape and wildlife in Bnei Brit (next to Jerusalem)


Dates: 21-23 April, 2019
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Location: Israel: Tel-Aviv, Jasr A'Zarka, Bnei Brit
Contacts: Inna Davidovich innadv@gmail.com 

Plein Air Workshops in Tuscany


In the beginning of May my workshops will take place in Tuscany, one of the most incredible places of Italy Five days of immersion in nature under my leadership in the most recognizable Italian landscape, unhurried rural life in the Chianti region, near the town Vinci, the birthplace of the great Leonardo! Accommodation and meals included.

Dates: 30 April- 6 May, 2019 (5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation)
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Location: Vinci, Tuscany
More info: www.artescapeitaly.com/sergei-kurbatov
Contacts: +39 347 333 9931, info@artescapeitaly.com

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