The Fifth Silk Road International Arts Festival


On September 7, 2018, The Fifth Silk Road International Arts Festival commenced in Xi' an China. The Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture of China and Shanxi Province. This year’s grand cultural event brought together artists of different styles and forms of visual art from 115 countries. It was a great honor for me to go through the qualifying round and become a member. At the festival my work "Morning in the Mountains" was presented.

Plein Air in Normandy


At the beginning of May instructional plein airs of three artists was held in Normandy, France. Sergei Kurbatov, David Chavin and Andrei Arinushkin taught students various aspects of watercolor. This event was conceived and organised by Enterclass. My part of the plein air passed through the places that were once chosen by the French Impressionists: Honfleur, Etretat, Mont-Saint-Michel. And this is not by chance. We wanted to plunge into the atmosphere that inspired our predecessors once.

Solo Exhibition in Novosibirsk


On March 2, the opening of Solo Exhibition of Sergey Kurbatov in Novosibirsk at the "Private Collection" Gallery took place. The artist showed artworks over the past three years. A demonstration and workshop was held during the event.

Masters of Watercolor


From February 1 to February 25, the second edition of international "Masters of Watercolors" was held in St. Petersburg. A huge queue at the opening, full halls at demonstrations and conferences - interest in watercolor in Russia is growing steadily. Events of this kind are not frequent (alas) in Russia, so it was doubly pleasant to become participants in this event. This time, along with my works and watercolors of Masha, there were Nadia Kurbatova's watercolors at the exhibition. On the second floor, in the "youth" format for the time being. Despite this, many visitors noted the mature style and sight in her works.

Exhibition in Rome


The exhibition of Italian and Russian watercolorists was held in Rome with the support of the Russian-Italian Friendship Society. The organizers were our friends - Igor and Catherine Sava. During the event, a joint demonstration by Sergey Kurbatov and Roberto Zangarelli was held, as well as many artists workshops and meetings.

"Masters of Watercolor" book


The new book by Konstantin Sterkhov  "Masters of Watercolor"  has been published: "On both sides of the Great Wall." Twenty artists from Russia and China give answers to watercolor questions, share their secrets, demonstrate step by step process on watercolor. Thanks to the author for the opportunity to share my experience with readers in this book.

Plein Air in Suzdal


From 15th to 31th Juny in Suzdal, Russia, watercolor plein air was held. The cold weather accompanied the first group of students. But after 20th of Juny the sun came out and became warmer. Nevertheless every day was filled by creativity, new knowledges and good vibes. 

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