About me

I was born in Budapest in 1970
Graduated Academy of Applied Arts in St.-Petersburg, Russia, in 1993.
After graduation worked for a long time as a graphic designer and animator in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.
The period from 2000 to 2008 is taken as "Charging the Battery". It was a gradual accumulation of energy, knowledge and experience. My watercolors of this time are mostly detailed landscapes and still lifes. At this time I don't think about selling my art, the work of the designer provides the means to life. painting watercolors "for myself" gave independence in subjects and style. As well as the time required for the experiment and finding my own creative language.
Since 2009, the watercolor becomes a major part of my career. This period is "Recoil of energy" and simultaneous "Recharging". It was the time of the first exhibitions of Novosibirsk. Creative visit to Montenegro, where outdoor classes for beginner artists were held. Watercolor workshops and classes  in Novosibirsk. Participation in international watercolor Biennale in France, prizes, publications. Joint exhibition with Masha Kurbatova in Holland in 2013. Regular plein air trips with fellow artists in Russia and abroad; Crimea, Altai, Southern Kazakhstan, etc. Currently, in addition to painting watercolors, I engaged also in teaching activities: periodically hold watercolor workshops in Novosibirsk, Moscow,

St. Petersburg, abroad.
A number of my online classes, courses and the Watercolor School can be accessed on Enterclass.




2010 -- solo watercolors exhibition in the Russian-German House (Novosibirsk, Russia)

2011 -- solo watercolors exhibition at the Novosibirsk State Art Museum

2012 -- participation in the International Watercolor Salon in Aiguillon (France)

2013 -- solo exhibition in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) as part of the year of Russian-Dutch friendship

2013 – Award of International Watercolor Salon in Aiguillon (France)

2014 -- Participation in the First International Watercolor Biennale in Saint-Paul-de-Leon (France)

2014 -- participation in a joint exhibition at the end of the Altai plein air (Omsk, Liberov Center)

2014 -- First award in British Council competition "Russia Today"

2014 -- Participation in the International Watercolor Biennale in Saint-Fereole (France)

2015 -- Participation in the International Watercolor Exhibition “Masters of Watercolor” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

2015 – trip to London, organising of solo exhibition in MSE School suming up the competition of British Council
2015 -- participation in the International Watercolor Elite Exhibition in Taipei (Taiwan, China)
2015 -- international watercolor exhibition of in Brussels (Belgium)

2016 -- Participation in the International Watercolor Biennale in Saint-Paul-de-Leon (France)

2016 -- solo exhibition in Gallery 1, Novosibirsk, Russia

2016 -- international watercolor salon "Regard ver l'Est" Reims, France

2016 -- exhibition "Watercolor. Continent. From East to West" Saint-Petersburg

2016 -- International Watercolor Elite Exhibition in Taipei (Taiwan, China)

2017 -- participation in ARTILLERY Festival, Sankt-Peterburg

2017 -- exhibition "La Forma dell' Acqua", Rome, Italy

2018 -- solo exhibition in Private Collection Gallery, Novosibirsk

2018 -- exhibition RE-INTERPRETATION of International Contemporary Watercolor

2018 -- 5th Silk Road International Arts Festival, Xian, China


Museums, galleries


Novosibirsk State Art Museum
Museum "Liberov Center", Tomsk
"Gallery №1» Novosibirsk


Private collections


Sergey Kurbatov artworks are in private collections in Russia, Europe, USA, Taiwan, China and Japan.




"Masters of Watercolor" by Konstantin Sterkhov


"Complete Watercolour" by David Webb

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